Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday October 27, 2008

The Padres seem to be moving forward with moving the fences in!
Saturday at the Season ticket holders Day on the Field we saw the surveyors marks in right field indicating where the new fences are going to be.

We confirmed it with people we know inside the organization.

The Walls are coming in.

The right field wall will extend straight out from the corner of the Petco porch along what is now the edge of the warning track into right center.

While I didn't have a roller to measure it, the surveyors line was just over 4 strides in from the current wall. Maybe 12-14 feet. At the sign that currently says 400 feet in right center there was a little jog in the line laid out. The beach will be a little bigger than in years past.

From what I understand from people I spoke with, they are going to lower the outfield wall in RF and put rows of seats in front of what is currently the first seat.

Here are some pictures: