Monday, January 11, 2010

McGwire comes clean - sort of

Monday January 11, 2010

Five years after pleading the 5th when asked about his steroid use by a Congressional Panel, Mark McGwire finally admitted what we all knew all along, he used steroids.

But I may be even more disappointed, disgusted may be a better word, with the man AFTER his admission than I was before.
Now he is trying to claim he didn't do it for strength. That he did it only to recover from injures. That he used so small of a dose that it really didn't do anything for him and that is why he continued to do it over and over for an entire decade. That God and not man made chemistry gave him the inhuman strength to hit baseballs 500 feet.

How DARE he invoke God to try to gloss over the fact that he cheated and lied and is STILL lying.

And to have the unmitigated gall to say he feels sorry for himself for cheating the game I love and lying about it? To whine to Bob Costas “What I had to go through …” ?


He got paid millions because he broke both the law and the rules of the game of baseball. And he feels sorry for himself? 

Mark McGwire just doesnt get it. He clearly does not realize the ramifications of his crimes against the game of baseball. He SHOULD feel ashamed. Instead he feels sorry for himself. It just shows just how much of a coward he truly is and how LITTLE of a man he is. And I am not just talking about his shrunken huevos.

Yes, I think the word for what I am feeling about Mark McGwire is disgusted.