Sunday, February 08, 2009

Padres Contract Projections Redux - Part Deux

Padres Contract Projections Redux - Part Deux
Sunday February 8, 2009

2009 Padres Payroll Projections Redux

Some Free Agent signings have happened and all the arbitration eligible players have been signed so I thought I should update this post again.

When its all said and done the Padres will still be very near that much discussed $40 million budget for payroll in 2009.

San Diego Padres 2009 Contract Projections

Players with Guaranteed Salaries for 2009

Jake Peavy – $11.0 million
Chris Young – $4.5 million
Adrian Gonzalez – $3.0 million
Brian Giles - $9.0 million

Total $ Guaranteed - $27.5 million

Arbitration Eligible Players
Jody Gerut $0.700m (2008) - 2009 Est - $1.5 - $2.5 m (Signed for $1.775m)
Scott Hairston $.406m (2008) - 2009 Est - $.750 - $1.5 m (Signed $1.250m)
Heath Bell $0.420m (2008) - 2009 Est - $2.0 - $2.5 m (Signed for $1.225m)
Luis Rodriguez $0.4025m (2008) 2009 Est - $0.410 - $.600m (Signed $0.675m)

Total Arbitration Eligible 2008 salaries - $1.9825 million Est 2009 Salaries - $7.1 million worst case ($4.925 Actual

Free Agents signed after Original December 15, 2008 Article

David Eckstein - $0.850m (Signed 1/15/09)
Henry Blanco - $0.750m (Signed 1/21/09)
Cliff Floyd - $0.750m (Signed 2/5/09)

Total for Free Agent Signings - $2.350m

Total for 11 Signed Players = $34.775m

On Roster & Under Team Control - 2008 Salaries Listed
Kevin Kouzmanoff - $0.410m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Edgar Gonzalez - $0.390m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Chase Headley - $0.410m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Nick Hundley - $0.410m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Travis Denker - $0.390m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Cha Seung Baek - $0.3925m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Josh Geer - $0.390m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Wade LeBlanc - $0.390m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Justin Hampson - $0.4025m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Cla Meredith - $0.415m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Scott Patterson - $0.390m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Joe Thatcher - $0.393m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Mike Ekstrom - $0.390m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Mark Worrell - $0.390m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Total if all 14 slots are filled at 2008 salary or major league minimum of $0.400m - $6.4475m

Total Current & Projected Player 2009 Salaries - $41.225m (Updated 2/5/09)

Some of those players won't be on the 2009 Roster opening day roster and other minor league signees and major league minimum type of players will be on the 2009 roster.

These Padres Minor League signings are not on that list:
Mark Prior (will make $1.0m if he makes ML roster),
Kevin Correia (will make $0.750m if he makes ML roster)
Chris Burke (will make $0.650m if he makes ML roster)
Chris Britton (will make $0.400 if he makes the ML roster)

If Prior, Correia and Burke make the roster, the 2009 Payroll will be $42.425m (as of 2/5/09)

Others that were on 2008 Roster at some point and their 2008 salary:
Matt Antonelli - $0.390m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Will Venable - $0.390m (2008-not arbitration eligible)
Drew Macias - $0.390m (2008-not arbitration eligible)

Most salary figures are thanks to Cots Baseball Contracts - the best resource I have found on baseball contracts.