Monday, August 30, 2010

Time for Ludwick to Sit?

Monday August 30, 2010

.227/.306/.361/.667  Is that good enough to be a starter in the major leagues? Whose numbers are those anyway? They sound decidedly Tony Gwynn Jr-like don't they?

Well they are the numbers of Padres "Big Bat" Ryan Ludwick. You remember him, the guy that was supposed to protect Adrian Gonzalez in the lineup.

Well now he is hitting like, well, a AAA player.

And its not just batting average, because his ISO has dropped 70 points since he became a Padre and his wOBA has dropped 60 points to .294.

So is he tired? Is he hurt? Has he lost his batting stroke?

Regardless of the cause, its time to sit Ludwick for at least a couple of  days.

Padres should give Cunningham a few starts to allow Ludwick to get his body healed, to get his head on straight or his swing on straight. Whatever it takes to get Ludwick rested and ready to play like he did in St Louis.