Thursday, October 07, 2010

Do you find yourself not caring much about the playoffs?

Yeah. I am watching the games. But I just don't have the enthusiasm for playoff baseball that I had in years past.

Is it the fact that my team isn't there? No. The Padres have only been to the playoffs a handful of times since I became a season ticket holder.

Is it that the games are mostly teams I have no real emotional tie with for good or bad? No. I hate the Yankees. I dislike the Giants. I admire the Phillies. It would even be nice to see Cox go out with a WS run.

But I still watch the playoff games with a lackadaisical attitude.

I just don't care all that much.

So why?

I think it was the Padres complete collapse down the stretch. I think the players on the team I am a rabid fan of not seeming to care down the stretch rubbed off on me and now I don't care much about these playoff games one way or another. 

I sure hope I get some of my passion for baseball back by the World Series.