Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pathetic Padres Fans

Saturday August 28, 2010

I have to say that baseball fans in San Diego are absolutely pathetic. To be more specific I should say PADRES fans are pathetic.

A FIRST place Padres team playing a playoff contender on a Saturday and all they could attract is 37,000. to make matters worse close to half of the fans at the game were Phillies fans. I sat in a sea of red.

The Padres fans that sat at home and watched on TV deserved what they saw, a loss.

The fans who sat at home should be ashamed of their lack of faith in the team.

Maybe, just maybe if the team heard more of lets go Padres from a sold out house instead of a constant chorus of Lets Go Phillies from a 3/4 full ballpark they would had a little more motivation.

As it is I really don't blame the Padres players for not caring enough to battle against the Phillies.

I mean you fans don't care. Why should the team?

I am ashamed to be a Padres fan because so many so called fans chose to sit home today and worse, to sell their tickets to Phillies fans.

You are pathetic. Truly pathetic.

Padres waste another good outing by Latos

Friday August 27, 2010

Tonight the San Diego Padres wasted another good outing by Mat Latos to fall 3-2 in 12 innings to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Latos went 7 full innings, giving up 1 run on 5 hits (all singles) & 2 BB while striking out 6 . Another dominant outing. the result. A no decision & a team loss.

Latos has not given up more than 2 runs in a start since since the All Star break and has 3 wins, 3 no decisions and 1 loss to show for it in 7 starts.

The Padres just are not giving the kid much run support.

And from a purely subjective standpoint, it sure seems that alot of Padres aces (Yes I do consider Latos an Ace) have not had very good run support.

That got me to thinking. If that is objectively true, why is it that the Ace get so little run support? 

I would guess the 1st reason is that they face the other teams ace more often than not. Two aces on the hill = less runs scored. That is why they are aces.

And that brought another thought to mind. I guess that is why Wins are not such a great indicator of how good a pitcher is performing. You can be lights out game after game like Latos has been since the All Star break and still only win 43% of your starts (3 for 7).

I guess the bottom line is, its sure nice to have a 23 year old Ace isn't it?