Monday, April 13, 2009

First Place Padres, First Place Padres,

Monday April 13, 2009

First Place Padres.

I like the sound of that so much that I may keep saying it over and over again until my head hits the pillow tonight.

Or chant it like a mantra until I reach nirvana.

I know that I have been arguing that:
A - This Padre team was not as bad as the pundits and most fans thought they were.
B - That their offensive production in 2008 was actually the best in the NL West when you adjust it for playing in Petco Park.
C - That the bullpen that KT has cobbled together seemingly with spit and chewing gum in the last 3 weeks of spring training was going to be much better than most people expected.

But even I never expected a spunky, firey, fight from behind Padres team that would be in FIRST PLACE with a 6-2 record and have the pitching staff with the lowest ERA in baseball and a bullpen era under 1.50 after 8 games.

After tonight's game;
After the little thought of Padres strode into New York city and Jody Gerut christened Citi (some call it Shitti or Bailout) Field with a home run;
After the Padres spoiled the Mets home opener in their brand new, $850 million ballpark with a gritty 6-5 team win to improve their record to 6-2,
I have drunk deeply of the Kool-aid and I am not sure I want to stop believing they can play like this all season.

So bear with me if I revel in it for a while.

First Place Padres, First Place Padres, First Place Padres...