Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why is Venable starting?

Tuesday June 28, 2011

Why is Will Venable starting games? Are the Padres "showcasing" him so they can trade him? Entice teams with a tantalizing short burst of play over mediocrity from Venable?

Padres fans have ample evidence over the past 3 years that Venable cannot sustain any kind of over average performance and are resigned oto seeing only flashes of brilliance reminiscent of Ruben Rivera.

Chris Denorfia is doing everything right. He is hitting over .300 including an incredible .289 at Petco, hitting for power - .451 slg, and playing good defense.What else does he need to do to be an everyday starter? I guess what he has to do is have flashes of great play.

Oh wait, Deno has had CONSISTENT great play.

The only explanation is that the Padres just don't care about winning right now and only want to see if they can get something for Venable when they include him in one of the inevitable trades the team will make before July 31st.

So why should fans care?