Monday, June 14, 2010

Dodgers are a surprise success? WTH is Tim Brown talking about?

Monday June 14, 2010


I'm ticked. (Because I had to stop blogging and tweeting due to my work situation AND because the people that committed to writing for this blog in my absence have not been sending in articles)

And I am going to start taking on some of the people in the media that get paid to talk to us about baseball.

Lets start with Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports.

Tim Brown predicted that the Dodgers would win the West prior to the season and then writes an article on 6/11 saying its a surprise that the Dodgers are doing so well?


Tim, your bias is showing.

The Dodgers are NOT doing so well. They are 4 games back of their pace last year and only a 12-2 run from 5/9- 5/23 has kept them even near the lead.  They play that stretch at their current .571 pace instead of .857 and they are in 4th place at 31-32.

The only surprise you should be talking about is that the Padres are in 1st place in the NL West, the best division in the NL, and that the Padres have the best record in the NL.

The Dodgers are the defending NL West champions and they spent $2 million MORE than 2009 on season starting payroll this season ($102 million in 2010 according to Cots MLB Contracts).
"New post-nuptial budget" my fat behind . The Dodgers started this season with a BIGGER payroll than last. Maybe you should actually try looking this stuff up. There are lots of great online resources and its not like you have to write so many articles that you don't have time

The Dodgers are SUPPOSED to do well with a $100 million payroll!

The Padres are spending $38 million on player payroll and according to you were going to be in last place.

So maybe you ought to be talking about why the Dodgers are NOT in the lead.
Why the Dodgers are doing poorly compared to expectations.
Why they are 4 games behind their pace last season.
Why their vaunted bullpen has collapsed despite Broxton's incredible ERA.

Maybe you should be talking about why the Padres ARE in 1st place.
Why the Padres ARE leading the NL in win %.
Why the Padres with Young, Cabrera and Blanks on the DL and with Gwynn, Venable and both Hairston's performing below expectations with the bat are still winning at this pace.
Why the Padres ARE for real after going 37-25 in their last 62 games last season and going 37-25 to start this season.

Instead you are writing whiney ass crap defending the Dodgers.

Give us all a break. 

The Padres were not supposed to win, so THAT should have been what you are writing about instead of being a Dodger apologist.