Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good News for Padres Fans

Sunday December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!

In the best news of the off season so far, San Diego Padres fans were given a gift today. The team decided to lower prices on beer, food and parking according to an article by Bill Center in the UT.

Now all we need is some exciting players to watch while we are enjoying our cheaper but still expensive food and beer.

In the article by Center, Padres President Tom Garfinkel  said that the first priority is building a winning team. We have yet to see any moves by the team towards that end and we have heard that the team will not be active in any major FA signings.What we are getting is signs that they are going to wait to see what is left on the garbage heap after all the top 2 tiers of players are signed.

The Padres took huge strides towards giving fans an exciting team in the 2nd half last season. Whether they can win in 2010 is still in question. Most of the media and even local fans and blogs are writing them off for next season.

So while cheaper food is nice, a decent center fielder would be nicer. I will gladly pay for an $8 beer if it means having a CF that can hit 20 home runs while playing exceptional defense. I will happily pay 7.75 for a Randy Jones dog if that means the Padres can afford to field a team with more than the cast offs they have signed as free agents in recent years.

Hoyer the next step is yours. Fill out the roster with some players that will give fans a reason to show up, a winning team.

Then I will buy your concessions at whatever price you choose to charge.