Sunday, July 19, 2009

And the Joke is on you!

Sunday July 19, 2009

Have you ever wondered how a AAA team would hit at the major league level?

Wonder no more. You got to see it tonight at Petco.

Here is what it looks like:
  • .234
  • .295
  • .248 - and this is the best hitter on the team? Too bad he is hitting under .130 in July. He has plain given up.
  • .239 - with 9 home runs = the cleanup hitter.
  • .227
  • .238
  • .205
  • .111
Add a AA starting pitcher and you have the Padres lineup for July 19, 2009

Folks, that is a joke. A bad joke, but a joke nonetheless. And the joke is on you.

Latos has lots of Minor League company for Big League debut

Sunday July 19, 2009

Mat Latos takes the mound today with many minor league players around him to help him feel comfortable, including his AA catcher .

In fact only the slumping Adrian Gonzalez (.235 in June and .132 in July - can you say, "I have given up on this season" any clearer?) and Chase Headley, who has been consistent in his mediocrity this season, were Padres starters to begin the season.

Going around the diamond you find the AA Latos throwing to the AA Lobaton then Gonzalez at 1B, AAA Rodriguez at 2B, Low A Cabrera, Headley at 3B, AAA Macias in LF, AAA Gwynn in CF and AAA Venable in RF.

Today at Petco Park we have the San Diego Mission Beavers facing the Colorado Rockies.

I guess it makes sense that a minor league type crowd of about 10,000 will watch Latos make his debut. After all a minor league type team is on the field.

I guess I am one of those to blame for attendance like that at today's game. I had tickets and decided not to go.

I tried to GIVE the tickets away all week and found no takers. Found absolutely no interested parties in two front row tickets. I guess that is as good of an indication of how the rest of the season is going to go attendance wise as anything a marketing survey might find.

So Moorad, Moores and Garfinkel - Give me a reason to renew my season tickets. Shoot, give me a reason to actually attend any more games this season.

Keep me in the loop on your plans. Help me to be excited about Padres baseball again. Or look forward to many more crowds like todays.