Sunday, October 03, 2010

Padres complete swoon with shutout loss to Giants

Sunday October 3, 2010

The San Diego Padres completed their month plus long swoon by rolling over in the final game of the season to hand the NL West title to the San Francisco Giants.

The Padres managed just 4 hits in the shutout loss.

With this final loss they proved all the pundits right. They did not belong on the same field as the good teams that are going to the playoffs.

The gave up about a month ago thanks to piss poor play down the stretch from Ludwick, Torrealba, Headley, Gregerson, and Latos amongst others.

Only Adrian Gonzalez, Will Venable, Miguel Tejada, Tim Stauffer and the bullpen can really hold their heads high after the lack of performance in September and October.

It was a sad end to a promising season.

I will be glad to see several non performers like Ludwick, Gwynn and Scott Hairston leave the organization in the coming weeks.

I am pretty sure Torrealba will not have his option picked up either.

Obviously Correia will not be back.

During this off season the Padres will have some huge decisions to make about the direction of the team and which of the core players will be back.

I will have an article coming on the outlook for 2011 soon.