Thursday, January 14, 2010

Padres Rumors

Thursday January 14, 2010

Ahhh Finally. The rumors of the Padres interest in players are starting to show up with more frequency.

Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports posted a rumor on Wednesday that the Padres were looking to sign former White Sox Right Fielder Jermaine Dye. At the time I posted a post on this site that questioned the rumor because of the terrible fit between the 36 year old, poor fielding Dye and the Padres who are looking for a right handed bat to platoon with Tony Gwynn and or Will Venable in centerfield.

Corey Brock of followed with an article about Dye and the Padres, noting that the source for the rumors had also noted that Padres interest was "low on likelihood."

Ken Davidoff of Newsday posted on Twitter today a rumor of the Padres interest in signing right hand starting pitcher Jose Contreras. The Padres have expressed interest in signing a veteran starting pitcher and the 38 year old Contreras at least fits the description of a veteran. Its the starting pitcher part that I question.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post wrote today that the Padres were one of e teams that had expressed interest in former Rockies Catcher Yorvit Torrealba.  While Torrealba may be an expensive backup catcher, this is one rumor that makes sense for the Padres. Ramon Castro and Miguel Olivo recently signed and Benji Molina is looking for a starting position, so Torrealba may be the last actually decent catcher available.

For me, whether the Padres actually sign any of these players or not, it nice to see the Padres name showing up in the trade rumors on a regular basis.

So what becomes of Bell, Kouz and Adams?

Thursday January 14, 2010

With the date arbitration eligible players and their teams need to exchange numbers, the question I have is what will happen with Bell, Kouzmanoff and Adams?

Will any or all of them be traded? If they are to be traded, will the Padres wait until after signing them to trade them?

Will the Padres attempt to sign any or all of them to a  long term deal at favorable rates?
Will any or all of them make it all the way to actual arbitration proceedings? Under Moores and Towers, the Padres signed almost every arbitration eligible player prior to the arbitration proceedings. What will Moorad and Hoyer do?

So what do you think? What will happen to Heath Bell, Kevin Kouzmanoff and Mike Adams?