Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to turn this ship around

Tuesday April 28, 2009

How To Turn This Ship Around

That is a post that I have seen on two boards and a couple of blogs now, including the Padres board over at ESPN.

Let me give you my take on that subject.

#1 - Stop thinking the ship needs to be turned around and realize you are over .500 and start thinking about how to extend the winning! Get rid of the stinkin' thinkin' as my 11 time state champion high school coach used to say. As we saw early in the year, the Padres have good players, now lets see the fans and media talking more about that and less about what has gone wrong the past 6 games. Lets talk about them doing what they are capable of doing.

#2 - Get key players like Giles jump started. We know Giles will hit .280+ with double digit home runs for the season, but we need him to get started hitting now. We know Peavy will end the season with an ERA closer to 3 than to its current 5.74, but we need some wins from Peavy to start happening now. Hey Jake, stop trying to be perfect and throw strikes. That is what the other 8 players are on the field to do, catch batted balls.

#3 - Keep your pitchers healthy. Something Trainer Todd Hutcheson and strength coach Jim Malone are doing is NOT WORKING or the Padres would not have led the league in pitching injuries from 2006-2009!!!!! Get another trainer and strength coach to work with your pitchers.

#4 - Make a trade for one good quality starter. That is all. How about Kouzmanoff for one of the good young starters on either the Twins or the Marlins?

That is what I think. Now what do YOU have to say?