Monday, April 11, 2011

9th game & its time for Padres to sit Hawpe

Monday April 11, 2011

On the day I paid $4.11 for gas, I came to the realization watching Hawpe fail miserably to get a hit in the 1st inning of the Padres vs Reds that even though its only the 9th game of the season, its time for the Padres to sit Brad Hawpe.

His herky jerky movements at the plate testify to a lack of confidence that is making it impossible for him to hit consistently. If you watch video from earlier in his career when he was hitting decently, he had much less movement of his bat and body at the plate. Now he looks like he is dancing up there never coming set before swinging the bat.

So its time he took a seat and Black brought in someone else to play. 1B. Cantu is not an improvement or he would already be manning 1B. Maybe its time to give Rizzo or Clark a shot. They can't do much worse than .174