Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Tuesday July 6th, 2010

Edward Mujica has a new name - Pussjica.

Against the Nationals tonight he threw ZERO pitches on the inside half of the plate. ZERO. NONE.

He throws a 95 MPH fastball and he is too much of a wimp to throw even TRY to throw a single pitch inside. THAT is why he gets crushed when he does give up a hit.

An effective pitcher takes command of the inner third and keeps the hitter from leaning out over the plate. Even soft tossers like LeBlanc are not afraid to put one on the batters hands or brush someone back. Pussjica throws everything on the outer stripe, so when he accidentally allows a pitch to stray back over the plate, the batter takes it for a ride.  That = 2.3 HR/9

The next worst on the team is 1.13 HR/9 Mujica gives up DOUBLE the number of home runs of the next worst pitcher on the team. Of the 533 pitchers that have thrown a pitch in the majors this season, only 35 give up more HR/9.

I guess I should say he didn't INTENTIONALLY throw any pitches inside. One floated out over the plate and was crushed to the gap for a double.

His percentage of inherited runners that scored is 33%! 3 of 9.  
He has entered 10 games with a lead and was only able to hold 4 of them.

His aLI is under 1.0 meaning he comes in for mostly low pressure situations.
His FIP is 4.80.  Only Gallagher and Ramos are worse among Padres relievers. Notice that neither are with the Padres now?

So what IS his value? I can't seem to find much unless its eating innings when the Padres are up (or down) by 5 or more runs.. Hopefully some other team does and the Padres can ship him out while his ERA is still low.

Ok, my rant is done. Back to watching my NL leading Padres.

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