Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why the Nationals are a losing organization

Sunday April 19, 2009

Have you ever wondered why the Nationals are such losers?

Their actions today may explain it better than any diatribe on the mistakes of their front office, the types of players they sign and the horrible record in drafting good players.

Today the nationals benched and fined a player for being 5 minutes late to a game. Benching and fining a player for being 5 minutes late is bad enough, but when you learn that he was at a charity event for Little League baseball, it stretches into the absurd.


It was a charity event! Cut the kid some slack.

Manny Acta said the following in an interview with the Washington Post;
"He was late for work, he broke a team rule, and we are going to change the culture here — regardless of how well a guy is playing," Acta said. "And it was a bizarre situation, because he was doing something that we encourage our players to do: He was out in the community doing something for some Little League program and just showed up late to work. He was very remorseful about it. He felt bad, but we have to lay the law on whoever."

And you wonder why these players won't play hard for you? DUH!

And forget about them ever doing any charity work again.

Until the FO is purged and Manny Acta is gone expect the Nationals to lose 100 games year in and year out regardless of what free agents they sign.

The bottom line reason is they reward the wrong things.

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