Saturday, May 23, 2009

IS Peavy really a bad pitcher away from Petco?

Saturday May 22, 2009

I keep reading and hearing all this crap about Peavy being a bad pitcher away from Petco and for the life of me I can't figure out what the heck these people are talking about.

For his career, Peavy has a 3.82 ERA on the road with a 1.30 Whip and a .245 BAA.

The last 3 seasons he has been even better on the road at 3.73 era with a 1.27 Whip and a .235 BAA

Not exactly chicken feed, in fact it would have made him the best road or home pitcher on the White Sox and quite a few other pitching staffs.

Over the last 3 years Peavy is among the top starters on the road in baseball.

And when you are looking at his road stats, don't forget:

  • 2007 when he had a 2.57 Road ERA with a 1.05 Whip and a .195 BAA,
  • Or 2005 when he had a 2.98 Road ERA with a 1.12 Whip and a .229 BAA,
  • Or 2004 when he had a 2.33 with a 1.19 Whip and a .246 BAA

When you look at those away stats, also keep in mind that the Padres play quite a few games every season in two of the best HITTERS parks in baseball in Colorado and Arizona, so Peavy is quite used to pitching in an environment that is not pitcher friendly.

Two average years do not make a pitcher bad away from home and in this case they only show Peavy is very, very good away from Petco instead the exceptional pitcher he is AT Petco.

Don't believe everything you read from these sportswriters, they are not always correct.

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