Friday, June 12, 2009

The 2009 Padres Amateur Draft

Friday June 12, 2009

So how did I do in my first attempt at a mock draft?

Pretty well considering the difficulty.

I got as many players that went in the first round as most of the other major mock drafts that came out on June 5th or earlier.

As far as the order, I stunk. I guess I could have done alot better if I had waited until early on draft day when several teams including Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and the sad sack "Natinals" had pretty much announced who they were going to take.

The Padres surprised me quite a bit by taking a huge risk on Donavan Tate, a high school kid that is already committed to UNC AND is a Boras client. That is a 3 fold risk.

  • High school players that do make the major leagues take 4-5 years on average and fail to make it at all at a higher percentage than college players.

  • Tate is already committed to go to UNC and play both QB on the football team and baseball. His father, Lars Tate, is a former NFL player. Donovan has been quoted as recently as early May saying his dream is to play in the NFL.

  • Scott Boras is his "adviser" (just say agent) and has been rumored to be floating an asking price of $7.25 million for Tate. Obviously this is a negotiating ploy, but Tate could easily command $6 million, or Tim Beckham/Pedro Alvarez type of money.

Tate is a true five tool prospect. He is very fast, has a big build that generates tremendous power a he will fill in as he gets older, and he has a cannon for an arm. The Padres are saying worst case he turns into a Mike Cameron type outfielder, at best a younger Andruw Jones type. Either way its a nice fit in an organization that is short on speed and power in CF.

This is a great pick if the Padres can get him signed.

In the 2nd round, at pick number 52, the Padres took another high school player Everett Williams. This is an athletic kid that many, including me, thought would go in the 1st round. That he fell to 52 is a coup for the Padres.

In the 4th round the Padres picked up another player that was picked to go much higher in HS pitcher Keyvius Sampson.

The Padres took 4 high school players in their first 6 picks in a tremendous departure from the modus operandi in past drafts.

Overall I was extremely excited to see the players taken in the top half of the draft. I will have several more posts about some of the other players the Padres selected.

The thing that may have made me happiest in this draft will probably have the least effect on the Padres team now or in the future.

In the bottom half of the draft two of my alma mater New Mexico Lobo's players were drafted by the Padres. Cameron Monger, a lightning fast backup CF, in the 27th round and 3B Dane Hamilton in the 41st round.

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