Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Padres Pitcher Lost to the DL

Wednesday June 17, 2009

With the shoulder injury that forced Luke Gregerson onto the DL, the Padres now have 6 pitchers on the DL.

6 Pitchers on the DL. Most teams don't have 6 PLAYERS on the DL.

In addition to Gregerson, the Padres also have on the DL:
  • Mark Worrell who is lost for the season,
  • Cha Seung Baek who is on the 60 day DL and not expected back this season,
  • Shawn Hill was just moved onto the 60 day DL and may not be back this season,
  • Luis Perdomo who is on the 15 day DL and due to his Rule V draft status may not be activated until late in the season if at all
  • and Jake Peavy who is out until the All Star break at the least and probably until August.
Add to those 6 pitchers the Padres hottest batter, Scott Hairston, and a promising young and speedy shortstop in Everth Cabrera, and you can see why the Padres are having such a hard time winning games on a consistent basis. Not enough major league players left healthy on the major league roster.

Currently the Padres are on pace for 1140 player days on the dl, or the 2nd most in MLB records. Only their 2008 season's total of 1244 exceeds that number. It means 30% of the team is on the DL on average all season. That is Astounding bad luck!!

And now we find out Chris Young may be headed to the DL as well.

That would leave the Padres with just 4 pitchers who spent significant time on a ML roster in 2008. Corriea, Bell, Adams, and Meredith.

It will also leave the Padres with a starting rotation that consists of Kevin Correia (our new #1), Chad Gaudin, Walter Silva, Wade LeBlanc and Josh Geer (or Ekstrom or Banks).

Does that sound like a AAA rotation? It should. It would be the AAA rotation on any other team in MLB and should be even for the Padres.

Once again, injuries have shattered any hope of a decent season for the Padres.

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