Monday, June 01, 2009

Ducksnorts says what I wanted to about Gwynn, but was too angry to type

Monday June 1, 2009

Geoff Young over at Ducksnorts said in a coherent manner what I tried to get across about Gwynn's defense on Saturday. I guess only posting once a week or so has its benefits.

I was so ticked off about how Gwynn cost the Padres that game I was just doing my best not to lace the whole post with profanity. With much gnashing of teeth and cussing under my breath, I pounded out a barely coherent post.

Geoff took a few days and posted a much more eloquent post on Gwynn's performance that started with:
Gwynn gave a clinic on how not to play center field. We’ll cut him slack for not tracking down Clint Barmes’ first-inning triple to right-center. If Gwynn lays out for that ball, maybe he catches it. I’ve got enough other gripes that I don’t want a missed highlight reel opportunity to be a sticking point.
Then he laid out the three plays Gwynn blew that gave the win to the Rockies. I encourage you to go over to his blog and take a look at the rest of what he wrote about Gwynn. Young has good writing skills (something I don't have) and he took the time to cool down (something I didn't do) before he posted. Maybe I should take a lesson from that.

And just maybe Gwynn should take some fielding lessons from his Gold Glove winning father.

Thanks Geoff. Wish I could have said that as well as you did.

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