Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Peavy leaves with Flu symptoms?

Wednesday June 3, 2009

Flu my eye. I am sure the Padres were not lying when they say that Peavy had flu symptoms, but with a player like Peavy who has a warrior mentality you know he wasn't taken out of the game after one inning because he was a little queezy.

We knew something was up when Josh Geer was warming up before the game and Peavy only had an abbreviated warm up session.

It was pretty obvious to everyone watching the game that Peavy was having problems with his push off leg. His velocity was down and his pitches were up. That is a sure sign that you can't push off the mound properly.

Did they use the flu excuse because they didn't want to scare off possible suitors for Peavy? Possibly.

All I know is Peavy could have been getting intravenous fluids between innings because he was so sick he couldn't hold anything down and he still would have wanted to stay in that game. He is just that type of player.

Well, no matter the reason, Peavy gave up 4 runs, the Padres gave up 10 all together and lost to the Phillies 10-5.

The one bright note in the game is that Adrian Gonzalez hit a home run for the 4th straight game and his league leading 22nd of the season.

Once again the Padres batters could not hit left handed pitching and made a rookie look like CY Young. Its a predictable pattern. Bet on the Padres doing poorly against LHP and you will win the bet far more often than you will lose.

One of the only Padres hitters that is doing well against LHP, Scott Hairston, was replaced in the field by Chase Headley to start the 6th. Apparently Hairston strained his left biceps muscle.

Corey Brock of posted in his article;
"Second at-bat, first swing -- I felt something in my bicep," Hairston said. "It felt like it wanted to tear, honestly. With each swing, it just got worse. It's one of those things that, as a player, you really get nervous when something like that happens. I just felt that I couldn't continue on."

Not a good sign. The Padres best pitcher and one of the hottest hitters both have to leave the game. Hairston may or may not have to spend time on the DL. The PAdres have already been decimated by injuries and now this.

Will it be a June Swoon for the Padres, or will they continue to howver around .500?

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