Thursday, July 09, 2009

Can the PTBNL help the Padres win?

Thursday June 9, 2009

Sitting here watching tonight's game and after the third showing of the Bikini Burger commercial from Carl's Jr. my mind is wandering again.

So I find myself wondering, do the A's have a PTBNL that can help the Padres win more games right now?

Would Sean Gallagher or Gio Gonzalez or Dana Eveland or any of their other pitching prospects make one bit of difference in how this season turns out?

Yes, I know that the Hairston trade was supposed to be about the future and building up pitching depth in the system, but will any of the players make any positive impact on the win column this season?

The eternal optimist, I still believe the Padres can win 75 games this season. So is it possible for this trade to somehow makes the Padres better now?

Obviously Italiano won't. Single A is a long way away. Ryan Webb won't make much impact as a middle reliever. That leaves the PTBNL.

So my question to you is, which of the possible PTBNL available from the A's in the Hairston trade will make the biggest (or any) impact on the Padres win-loss record in 2009?


  1. short answer .. no

    also, the A's DFA'ed Eveland a day or two ago, so we can cross him off the list.

  2. So that leaves two starting pitching prospects in the A's organization with ML experience. Gio Gonzalez and Sean Gallagher.

    Would either of them make a difference in 2009 OR 2010?