Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hairston Traded to the A's

Sunday July 5, 2009

I get home from what was an exciting game for the last 4 of the 13 innings to find out Scott Hairston was traded to the Oakland A's for 2 minor league pitchers and a PTBNL.

The Padres came back from a 6/1 deficit in the bottom of the 9th inning against All Star closer Broxton to send the game into extra innings. The Padres lost the game on a Ethier home run in the 13th.

In exchange for the only Padres who is really hitting well for two maybe's and a we don't know. Hairston and his $1.25 million salary were very marketable, but even so the Padres only got two nobodies and a ptbnl for him. I mean neither of these guys are top 30 prospects in the A's sytem and Hairston is an everyday starter in the majors.

Ryan Webb
is a 6'6" 23 year old reliever in AAA who gives up more hits than innings and half as many SO than innings. His .313 BAA at Sacramento isn't exactly encouraging. And he is the better of the two prospects.

The other, Craig Italiano, has a great fastball that hits 95-96, but no secondary pitches or control. He may eventually be a decent reliever, but at 22 years old, the 6'4" 219 lb starter has fallen on his face performance wise at 22 in High A ball.

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  1. Sorry to see Scottie go. If the PTBNL is Gio Gonzalez or Dana Eveland or even Vin Mazzaro I would say its a good trade.