Monday, July 20, 2009

Why isn't Blanks playing more?

Monday July 20, 2009

So tell me, why isn't Kyle Blanks playing more?

Didn't Bud Black and Kevin Towers say he wasn't being brought up to sit on the bench?
Isn't he supposed to be the Padres next great hitting prospect? So why is he shining the pine?

Its obvious that Adrian Gonzalez has either:
A - Given up
B - Hit the wall

Gonzalez is hitting under .200 since June 1st. He has hit .140 for the month of July and tonight he hit his first home run since June 23rd. Trying to say its because he has no one hitting behind him is an excuse and a bad one. He simply looks like hes going through the motions at the plate.

So why isn't Blanks getting an occasional start at 1B?

Headley is not exactly setting the world on fire with his .237 BA, so why isn't Blanks getting a few starts in LF?

Venable is hitting just .218, so why isn't Blanks getting a few starts in RF.

This guy COULD be getting at bats every day at AAA and instead he is picking splinters out of his behind in San Diego.


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  1. Why?

    Geoff says it best.

    at this point in the lost season, do what ever it takes to keep Adrian happy. if that means letting him play 162, so be it.