Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome and a Reminder about Comments

Wednesday August 26, 2009

Welcome to Websoulsurfer!

For those of your who are visiting Websoulsurfer for the first time, Welcome!

For those of you who are regular visitors, Welcome Back!

I hope you enjoy reading our posts. We certainly enjoy writing them.

Like I said originally, you will not always agree with us and sometimes what we have to say will make you mad. Heck, sometimes it is intended to make you mad since we may be angry about that subject ourselves.

One of my first posts was the following:


On a fan based message board I frequent I was recently called, and I quote, "A curmudgeon whose pompous, pedantic diatribes you call posts filled with endless stats, links and quotes are better suited to a blog then a fan board"

I think this was intended as an insult, but all in all its a fairly accurate and flattering statement.

Without knowing it, the poster stated that my posts were thorough, contained facts and quotes to give background to my commentary and a bibliography of links to provide confirmation.

Exactly what I look for in a baseball blog.

I freely admit I am bombastic at times, and opinionated most of the time and you can sometimes correctly characterize my posts as diatribes and I am 100% sure that you won't agree with me 100% of the time.

But you will be entertained!

That is our purpose, to entertain.

We hope that the 5000 + visitors we have had over the past 10 months have also been informed, amused, angered, and/or delighted, but most of all, Entertained.


We welcome your comments and enjoy reading all of them, even the ones that are angry with us or don't agree with our opinions.

As we have stated in the past, we reserve the right to publish or not publish any comments and will no longer publish any that are anonymous or that contain foul language.

We are not able to edit them for language and refuse to be party to having that on our site.

If its clean and you are willing to put your name on it, then we are generally going to just post it, whether we agree with it or not. Dialogue is what we are looking for and what pushes us to write more. So please feel free to send us any and all of your comments.

Quite a few of you have sent us comments that you wished to NOT have published because of the source of the information. We will always protect your privacy if you do not wish to have your name or blogger id published.

I look forward to many more comments and new readers.


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  1. Good work WSS. Keep up the consistancy! Diehard fans can never get enough blogs about their teams, so I enjoy your frequent posts.