Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Padres injury woes continue

Tuesday August 25, 2009

First round draft pick Donavan Tate's professional debut will have to wait. He has officially been sidelined until Spring Training 2010 with what was originally described by the Padres as an abdominal strain and now is officially being called a "stress reaction to his pubic bone".

My flies on the wall have said that it is actually a tear of his inguinal ligament and that he tore it in batting practice on his first day as a Padre. It sure seems that Tate came in cold after not swinging a bat for months and just tried to do too much to impress the Padres players and brass.

In other injury news, Mike Adams, the Padres most effective reliever the past 2 months, was placed on the DL with an posterior? strain in his surgically repaired right shoulder.

While the Padres are claiming it is not in the same place as the torn labrum that was repaired surgically last season and caused Adams to miss the end of the 2008 and the first 2 months of the 2009 season, it obviously is related.

I would not expect to see Adams back this year or, if the Padres luck/curse continues, maybe not even the beginning of next year.

If it was not for a late rush/rash of injuries to New York Mets players, the Padres would once again be leading the league in player days on the DL. As it is they will come into the last days of the season neck and neck to set a new major league record for injuries.

If they win/lose the injury race, it will be the 2nd straight season that the Padres have set a major league record in player days on the disabled list.

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