Friday, October 16, 2009

Utley contracts deadly Sax Disease?

Friday October 16, 2009

What in the name of Steve Sax is going on?

After committing just 4 throwing errors in 155 games during the regular season and none in 4 postseason games against the Rockies in the NLDS this year, Philadelphia Phillies 2nd baseman Chase Utley now has two throwing errors in 2 games in Chavez Ravine.

Has Utley succumbed to Sax Disease? Has he caught the dreaded Knoblauch flu?

On two routine double plays, Utley has thrown in the ball away. Only a great play by Howard saved him from having his another throwing error in the first game. Tonight's error ultimately cost his team the game.

Call the CDC, bring on the men in the spacesuits. Chase Utley has caught Sax disease in Chavez Ravine.

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