Thursday, December 10, 2009

Padres New GM does nothing at Winter Meetings

Thursday December 11, 2009

Padres GM Jed hoyer did nothing at the MLB Winter Meetings in Indianapolis this week.

No Trades, No Arbitration Eligible players offered contracts, No FA Signings, No Rule V Players Drafted, No Minor League Signings. Nothing.

And he seems happy about that. He said he is going to wait and pick over the garbage heap that is left later in the offseason.

While other teams were active in signings, trades and more, the Padres new GM locked himself and his team in their suite.

Please Jed Hoyer. Live up to the hype. Make this team better.

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  1. The Pad Father12/11/2009 1:39 PM

    After they said they were not going to sign a big name FA did you really expect them to get alot done at the meetings? I kind of expected Kouz or Bell to get traded, but I was not surprised when they didn't. There are a glut of both 3B and Closers on the market. Hoyer will get it done. Keep the Faith!