Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pathetic Padres Fans

Saturday August 28, 2010

I have to say that baseball fans in San Diego are absolutely pathetic. To be more specific I should say PADRES fans are pathetic.

A FIRST place Padres team playing a playoff contender on a Saturday and all they could attract is 37,000. to make matters worse close to half of the fans at the game were Phillies fans. I sat in a sea of red.

The Padres fans that sat at home and watched on TV deserved what they saw, a loss.

The fans who sat at home should be ashamed of their lack of faith in the team.

Maybe, just maybe if the team heard more of lets go Padres from a sold out house instead of a constant chorus of Lets Go Phillies from a 3/4 full ballpark they would had a little more motivation.

As it is I really don't blame the Padres players for not caring enough to battle against the Phillies.

I mean you fans don't care. Why should the team?

I am ashamed to be a Padres fan because so many so called fans chose to sit home today and worse, to sell their tickets to Phillies fans.

You are pathetic. Truly pathetic.


  1. It's also hard to criticize ESPN for not covering the Padres much when the local fans don't even bother to support the team.

    Nice post! I understand your frustration.

  2. The Pad Father8/30/2010 1:28 PM

    A little strong to call Padres fans pathetic, but I do feel the same frustration.

    I sat there in section 116, an area that is almost entirely season ticket holders, and there was not a Padres fan within 10 seats or 4-5 rows of me. It was really disheartening.

    You are not the only blog to call the Padres fans out on this and all of you are right. Padres fans should be supporting this first place team better.

  3. Please do not lump all of us in together. I have 40-game season tickets. I am unemployed or I would go to even more.

    I am not pathetic.

  4. Nothing personal, Web, but I think you're totally out of line. In case you haven't heard, there's a Great Recession on, with real estate in the tank. Real estate WAS over 20% of San Diego's economy. There are close to 160,000 San Diegans out of work, and many more making less than they did when real estate was flying high. The fans will come back when the economy does, and fans have money left over after paying bills and feeding their kids.

    Larry Faria
    Ocean Beach

  5. Interesting that there are so many Phillies fans in SD. Are they navy transplants? Are Phillies fans actually flying to SD to pick up a game?- I can think of worse places to go.

  6. Larry, there are other MLB towns that are just as hard hit by this recession as San Diego that don't have a first place team and still are outdrawing the Padres.

  7. Actually, Web, you need to look it up. San Diego is 19th in attendance, and there are two first place teams with lower attendance than the Padres: Cincinnati and Tampa Bay. The only non-first place team with a really poor economy and better attendance is Detroit, and they're getting more Canadian fans since the Canadian Dollar is worth more, and Canadians have fallen out of love for their lone MLB team, Toronto.

    Housing is the epicenter of this recession, and San Diego is one of the big 4 boom/bust cities (with Phoenix, Miami & Vegas). Cinci wasn't hard hit, but like San Diego, it has no industry and few corporate HQ to provide a cushion.

    The blanket statement about other cities doesn't wash - they're just not comparable. Padres fans don't have the money, plain and simple.

    Larry Faria
    Ocean Beach