Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcome Back Jody Gerut

Welcome back into the Padres fold Jody Gerut.

You did a good job for this team when it stunk in 2008 and now you will provide veteran depth at the minor league level in case there is another injury at the ML level. With Gwynn likely out for the season with a broken hamate bone in his hand, both the defense and offense you are capable of providing will be important for the Padres down the stretch.

The season you platooned with Scott Hairston in CF was an outstanding year for you and hopefully returning to the Padres system can reinvigorate you as a player.

While I hope the Padres stay healthy and have no need for you on the active roster before September 1st, I would feel comfortable with you patrolling center field against RHP.


  1. Normally, the Padres bring up promising minor leaguers in September for a monthlong look-see. That would mean we'd see Cunningham and Baxter in the outfield. But the Padres aren't normally in a pennant race in September.

    What are the chances they call up Gerut just before the end of the month and possibly put him on the post season roster? If that happens, who would get left off? I have to believe Hoyer is smart enough to give that idea some consideration.

    Larry Faria
    Ocean Beach

  2. The Pad Father8/27/2010 3:09 PM

    I liked Jody when he was a Padre too. Great outfielder that hit when he was platooning in 2008. I still don't think he cracks the outfield now. He is just organizational filler as you would say.