Thursday, September 30, 2010

Padres wimp out. Season over after dropping 3 of 4 to Cubs

Thursday September 30, 2010

The Padres wimped out and dropped 3 of 4 to the sad sack Cubs at Petco this week to effectively seal their fate for 2010.

Your only chance is to sweep FOUR games from the Giants. Yes I know there are only 3 games left in the season, but if by some miracle the Padres were able to sweep 3 from the streaking Giants IN San Francisco there would be a 163rd game to decide the division winner.

Clean up your golf clubs guys, because that is the only game you are going to be playing next week.

You gave up on yourselves. You stopped trying. All of you in every aspect of the game!
As a team:
You had your only losing month of the season.
You had the highest ERA and runs allowed of any month.
You had the lowest batting average and lowest OBP of the season.
You had the fewest XBH of any month.
You had the fewest BB of any month.
You had the fewest runs scored of any month (BY 25%!).
You had the lowest # of balls put in play.
You had the lowest number of SB of any month.
You had more errors in September than any other month.
You had the lowest % of DP turned.

And then in this series against the Cubs, the worthless, 86 loss Cubs, you got shut out TWICE! You only scored 5 runs in 4 games.

It was awful to watch your collapse. You mailed it in and it showed.

You don't deserve to be in the playoffs.

Good riddance to those of you that were a big part of that collapse.

Ryan Ludwick - You completely gave up after the trade to the Padres. You were the biggest part of the Padres collapse at the plate down the stretch hitting just .220 as a Padre. You are a disgrace to the Padres uniform.

Luke Gregerson - You had a 7.00+ ERA and that does not even count the inherited runners you allowed to score. You were pathetic in September. Maybe Black overused you early, but that is no excuse. You stunk when it counted most.

Chase Headley - .191 BA. .255 OBP. .150 with men on base. REALLY? And you claim to be a major league hitter? WTF? Worse yet you drove in only 4 baserunners. FOUR for an entire month. Pathetic.

Not going to bag on LeBlanc or Latos. They are rookies who just plain tired out.

That is the coaching staff's fault. That means you Bud Black.

All we can do now is think about next year.

Many questions come up, but that is for another post.


  1. Jesus man. Take a breath.

    The Cubs are doing the exact same thing the Padres did to teams last year. They have been playing VERY good ball since Pinella left.

    You are going to get down on Gregerson, after the year he had, but give Leblanc and Correia a pass? Not to mention Latos, who has been beyond awful.

    Luddy has struggled, but you are being a bit harsh to call him a disgrace or Lead Dick. A LOT of the Padres bats, including Adrian have let us down, down the stretch.

  2. Lead Dick has been horrible as a Padre. There is no other way to put it and you can't spin his lack of performance. $5.5 million for hitting .211 is a disgrace and he did even worse the last month - .200/.300/.314/.614. He gave up once he was traded and I am sure glad he wont be back.

    LeBlanc was taken out of the starting rotation after his Aug 30th start. Maybe they should have let LeBlanc play RF after that. At least he can hit. He was not part of the swoon. Correia was long gone as a starter by then.

    Gregerson has been horrible the last month. Whether its from over use or something else. Facts are facts. He stunk.

    Adrian Gonzalez went .294/.416 in September/October with 12 intentional walks. Nearly every time there was someone on base, he was walked. Can't blame any part of the slump on him.

    Other than Gonzalez, Hundley and Venable, pretty much the entire batting order stunk in September.

    My comments were right on the money.