Monday, November 14, 2011

Closers that Blow Saves Suck

The Definition of a Great Closer:

To be considered the best closer in the game of baseball
you need to do one simple thing, 

Save the highest percentage of games.

It doesn't matter what the velocity is on your fastball.
It doesn't matter how many guys you strike out per nine innings.
It doesnt matter what your ERA or SIERA was.
It doesn't matter what your WHIP or FIP or WAR  was.

The ONLY thing that matters 
is that when you team has a lead in the 8th or 9th inning
that you keep the other team from scoring MORE runs than your lead
with the highest regularity.

THAT is the job of a closer.

With that in mind:
If you think Craig Kimbrel was Closer of the Year in the NL , you are a flipping idiot.

That piece of shit blew 8 games out of 54 attempts and 3 of his final 6 opportunities. Kimbrel is the singular reason his team, the Atlanta Braves, were not in the playoffs. 85% saves is simply not worth being in the conversation for NL Closer of the Year.

Marmol and Cordero are not even worth mentioning they were so bad at their job.

If you think  ANYONE besides
Axford - 96%,
Putz - 92%,
Bell  - 90%, or
Storen - 90%
is even in the conversation for best closer you are a moron. Plain and simple.

Those guys had the highest % of saves in the NL.

THAT singular thing is what makes them the best of 2011.

So bring it bitches. I want to hear what all you Kimbrel kiss asses have to say.

Out In Left Field

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