Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Padres Pick 3 Losers to Fill Out 25 Man Roster

The Padres pick Owings, Hermida and Parrino to fill last 3 spots on 25 man roster

Fair Warning. 6 hours on planes followed by two Arrogant Bastards and I am a little riled up.

I am so fucking sick of teams picking who is going to be on the team by who has more experience or by financial considerations.

WTF happened to the best player getting the spot?

With ALL THREE choices for the last 3 spots on the 25 man roster, the Padres picked the WORSE player. The one that absolutely sucks.
  • The Padres added Owings, who fucking sucks
  • Hermida, who fucking sucks
  • Parrino who not only fucking sucks but has no upside 
To make matters worse they have had to put Jose De Paula, on the restricted list and drop at least one other player from the 40 man roster, which means they will both be subject to being claimed.
Fucking stupid. Really fucking stupid.

And what excuses are the Padres trying to foist on fans for being so unbelievably stupid?

"Parrino is used to being a backup in the minors so he will be mentally more prepared to be a backup in the majors." 
Lets see if I get this correct. He sucked so bad that he couldn't even start in the MINORS, so you are going to give him the backup role behind TWO injury prone players that you KNOW are not going to play 250 combined games? WTF are you thinking?

Here is the real reason you lying sack of garbage. Cabrera will be eligible for arbitration if he spends the entire season in the Majors. THAT is why Parrino is on the team now.

"Owings can be a long reliever."
WTF is that? WHO THE FUCK CARES that he can be a long reliever if he is going to pitch like he has recently? The guy is a loser. LOSER! 7.62 ERA and got WORSE as camp went on instead of better with 7 hits and 4 runs in his final two outings. 2.1 ip, 7 hits, and 4 earned runs. That's nearly an 18.00 ERA. 18!

Even Worse, Owings has an era over 5.00 over the past 4 years of regular season play. WTF is there to like about him? Please don't even TRY to trot out some fucking excuse that he can hit. ANY of the Padres young pitchers can be a long reliever and do better than a 5.00 ERA. Bass, Kelly or Weiland would have done great in that role. Even Wade Fucking LeBlanc could do that AND he hits better than Owings AND he was cheaper.

No fucking excuse for Owings making this team. None.

"The 80 year old veteran we brought in for locker room presence is hurt"
Don't even get me started on Hermida. That bum hit .211/.272/.354 for 4 teams over the past 2 seasons. Why 4 teams? He fucking sucks, that's why.

Hermida had a good spring training, when it doesnt count, just like he did the last two years in spring training
and then once the regular season starts he sucks. Every year. 


I thought the point of the game was to WIN, not to put the worst fucking possible team on the field because they are "used to being a backup" or "can be a long reliever." I guess not in the La-La Land they call Padres baseball.

So who DIDN'T Make the Team So These LOSERS Can Play?

Brad Brach
Brach had not only a great spring, but he has tremendous upside. He BELONGS on the team.

Everth Cabrera
Cabrera was the starter here for a 90 win team, he has upside, Black even said he was the better player, and while he sucked in spring ball, is a better fielder, hitter and baserunner than Parrino. He belongs.

James Darnell
All he did was hit .295/.338 in spring ball after a cup of coffee in 2011 where he hit better than Hermida did.

Come on Padres, if you want to win, let the kids play! Stop giving us washed up veterans and sorry excuses.

Enough from me. Tired of sitting on the side watching these morons run this team. To think they used to write my paycheck. Thank goodness I just have to live in San Diego, not work for these guys anymore. Maybe a good ownership group will come in and save Padres fans like RAK. We can still dream of Mark Cuban buying the team right?.

The Hammer

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