Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to get your comments published - A primer

Sunday March 21, 2010

Every blog wants to get comments. It means people are reading what we have to say and we welcome any comments you would like to send us.

It doesn't really matter to me or the other writers on this blog what the contents of the comments are as long as we are getting readership. Our readership is increasing (yesterday it was 217 of you) and we are very grateful for each an every person that takes the time to read our blog.

As Dale Earnhardt once said, ‘I learned a long time ago, as long as they’re making noise …’.

We write for this blog because we love baseball and want to get our ideas out there. We want to entertain, to provoke thought and to build a community of people who love baseball as much as we do.

Now that does not mean we are going to post every comment.

1st off, we almost never post anonymous comments. The instructions to the writers here is to delete them. If you want to see your post on the blog, put your name to the post.

Other things that will get you deleted are if you post something like "You are an idiot" or "buy this product" or even posts that contain profanity, vulgarity or other things we would not want our kids seeing. We will not post those comments.

If you have so little to say about baseball or what we are discussing that you have to stoop to insults or vulgar language, please do not expect it to be posted.

If you just want an advertisement on the site, contact us at and we will be happy to discuss ad placement.

If you post a thoughtful comment that does or does not agree with our points, you will see it on the comments section of that post. We welcome comments that agree with us :) and comments that don't. You learn from ideas outside of your own,

So please, keep the comments coming. We will answer what we can and we will post most.

Go Padres!

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